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 Snow and Ice Management 




Safe Step® Power 6300® Enviro-Blend®

Replaces Original Safe Step.®

Contains Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Urea and MG 104® to help prevent refreezing up to 2½-times longer than other ice melters

• Safer for people, pets and vegetation when used as directed
• Scientifically formulated for lower environmental impact
• Safer when used as directed on air-entrained, cold-weather concrete that is at least one year old
• Melts ice down to -10˚F/-23˚C


Safe Step® Extreme 8300® Magnesium Chloride

Fastest Acting. Maximum Melting Power.

• 100% pure Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate for faster melting action
• Safer for people, pets and vegetation
• Melts ice down to -15˚F/-26˚C
• Professional-strength melting power
• Unique ice-penetrating crystal shape provides rapid melting capabilities and scatter control
• Less corrosive on metal surfaces
• Safer when used as directed on air-entrained, cold-weather concrete that is at least one year old
• Water can be added to make liquid ice melter pretreatment and dust control


Safe Step® Sure Paws®

Salt Free, Pet Friendly Ice Melter.

• Safer on lawns, shrubs and vegetation
• Low environmental impact
• Fast-acting, with no powdery residue
• Gentle Magnesium Chloride and Sulfate of Potash formula
• 100% All natural/organic
• Melts down to -15°F/-26°C
• Salt-free - won’t irritate paws or skin



Milazzo Qik Joe Ice Melt

Calcium Chloride Pellets

 • The most effective deicer on the market
• Generates heat on contact
• Spherical shape bores straight down through ice
• Works effectively in temps down to -25
• No powdery white residue
• Safer on grass, shrubs, plants and concrete when used as directed

Safe Step® Standard 3300 Rock Salt/Halite

Simple. Proven. Effective.

• 100% Rock Salt/Sodium Chloride
• Effective to +5˚F/-15˚C
• Economical and effective



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Ecotraction ice grip is a green colored all-natural volcanic mineral. Non-toxic and safe to touch. Safe for children, pets, and wildlife. Contains no salt, chlorides, chemicals, or dyes. Grips into ice and snow rather than melting, creates a sandpaper effect. Will not corrode uncured concrete, brick, or stone. Will not damage landscaping. Tracks less than sand and will not stain like salt. Absorbs oil and fluid spills. Can be swept into the lawn in the spring for improved soil aeration as well as water and nutrient retention. Slowly releases minerals back into the soil keeping plants healthier and lawns greener. Works down to -58 degrees Fahrenheit. Provides 9X more coverage than ice melt. 1 cup covers 144 square feet.


Suncast 20 In. Graphite Snow Shovel & Pusher

Snow shovel/pusher combo. Graphite blade reduces sticking of snow and measures 20 In. x 13 In. Handle is 1-1/4 In. diameter with steel tube and ribbed grip. Overall length: 51 In. Color: Gray.
Suncast 18 In. Poly Snow Shovel & Pusher With Ergonomic Handle

Snow pusher/shovel combo. Poly blade measures 18 In. x 12 In. with galvanized steel wear strip. Ergonomic handle is 1-1/8 In. diameter with steel tube and ribbed grip. Overall length: 52.5 In. Color: Green.
Suncast 11 In. Graphite Telescoping Emergency Automotive Snow Shovel

Telescoping ribbed handle that adjusts the length of the shovel from 30 In. to 36 In. 1-1/8 In. metal/steel core handle. 11 In. x 13 In. nonstick graphite blade. Poly D-grip handle. Color: Gray.
Garant Nordic 26 In. Poly Snow Pusher

Nordic snow pusher has a 26 In. W. x 11 In. H. poly red blade. 46.25 in. stained ash handle with D-grip. No wear strip.
Garant Alpine 18 In. Poly Snow Shovel

Alpine label snow shovel features a 13.5 In. x 18 In. yellow poly blade with steel wear strip. 42.25 In. stained ash handle with Artic Blast poly D-grip handle.


Suncast 18 In. Poly Snow Shovel

Poly blade measures 18 In. x 13 In. Handle is 1-1/4 In. steel core tube with ribbed grips and poly D-grip. Overall length: 48 In. Color: Blue.

Garant Snow Roof Rake
Ideal for removing snow from roofs, awnings, and tarps. (3) 60" sections of lightweight aluminum handle extends to 18'. Poly blade won't damage roof. 2 aluminum braces for stability. Blade dimensions: 22" x 6-1/2".

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